I am dedicated to community outreach in Belize and the US. More information on my specific outreach projects can be found at the website of my outreach organization, called Fajina Archaeology Outreach.

Present -2013   Founder & Coordinator, Fajina Archaeology Outreach
Projects: To the Mountain” Maya Storybook and Audiobook (2017-2015); Fajina Exchange: Ghana – Belize (2017); Succotz Archaeology and Culture Fair (First Annual 2015, Second Annual 2016); Books for Belize (2015); Learning Technologies for Belizean Schools (2015-2014); BRAs for Belize (2014-2013)
2016-2012   International Archaeology Day at San Jose Mission, Archaeological Institute of America; Southwest Texas Archaeological Society; Legacy Outreach Program
2015   Conference Volunteer, 6th Annual South-Central Conference on Mesoamerica, UTSA, San Antonio, TX
2014   Local Heritage Collaborations for Student Research, Leon Valley (Texas) Historical Society
2013   Alvarez-Lennox Seminars on Chile, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
2013-2012   Curatorial and Tour Volunteer, National Trust for Historic Preservation
2010   Conference Volunteer, 1st Annual South-Central Conference on Mesoamerica