I am an anthropological archaeologist. My research focuses on ancient public building practices and community participation in monumental projects. My dissertation research centered at the ancient Maya site of Xunantunich, Belize. The Castillo acropolis is the principal subject of my survey work and excavations since 2012.

I teach archaeology courses at UTSA. I focus on experiential learning to engage students in how archaeologists actually work and the work they actually do (Spoiler: NOT INDIANA JONES!). My classes incorporate Socratic discussion and thus rely on student participation. I am interested in alternative assessment/evaluation strategies and how they can help students feel less stress in evaluation and demonstrate their knowledge of course content in more representative ways than traditional testing allows.

I am very passionate about community outreach as an archaeologist. I recently founded Fajina Archaelogy Outreach, an organization overseeing community projects and fundraisers for communities near Xunantunich.